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The Aosta Valley (Val d’Aosta) is an Alpine region located on the border to France,

the region is mostly distinguished by the Gran Paradiso National Park, which was instituted in the year 1922. In the Aosta Valley visitors can find numerous ski resorts such as Pila, Courmayeur, Gressoney etc. If you’re searching a wellness resort in Aosta Valley, you can choose between popular places like Cogne, Champoluc, Sarre, Courmayeur and Saint Vincent, which is the only thermal resort of this region. During a holiday you can choose a combination between wellness, trekking and skiing.

The Aosta Valley is located in the North West of Italy and is officially bilingual (Italian and French). It’s the home of numerous popular mountains like the Mont Blanc or the Matterhorn. The most popular ski resorts of the region are: Courmayeur, Cervinia, Champoluc, Pila, Saint- Rhémy en Bosses. This region is famous because of the Gran Paradiso National Park , which is the oldest of Italy. It was established in the year 1922, here are living rare animals like chamois, wolfs, foxes, sparrowhawks, goshawks, brown owls, owls, chars, woodpeckers, marmots and vipers. The rare plants, which grow in the National Park, are: the common spruce, the arolla pine, the Alpine roses or the rowan trees.

Moreover the Aosta Valley is popular because of its castles and burgs, which are located in the following towns:  Introd, Fénis, Issogne, Ussel, Bard, Saint-Pierre; one of the most famous royal castle is the Castle of Sarre, it belongs to the Italian royal family of Savoy. Maria José lived here during the Second World War.


Cogne belongs to the most visited mountain towns of the Aosta Valley, the township is located in the Gran Paradiso National Park. Here visitors can find the mine museum and the “Pizzi” museum. An old legend tells about the origin of the Cogne- church.

Saint Vincent

Saint Vincent is the most famous thermal locality of the Aosta Valley, here it’s possible to try water therapies and other wellness treatments. Saint Vincent belongs to the “Mountain Community of Matterhorn”, the popular Price of Journalism takes place in this locality.


In the municipal area of Courmayeur visitors can find the highest mountain of Europe, the Mont Blanc. The ski resort Courmayeur borders to France and Switzerland. Here is taking place the popular “Courmayeur Noir in festival”, during this manifestation there is nominated the best detective story of the year.


Champoluc is the most important center of the Val d’Ayas, it is located in the winter resort “Monterosa Ski”. Here it’s possible to discover the traces of the Walser- culture, an ethnic group, which originally came from the Swiss canton Valais and emigrated to Aosta Valley in the XIII century.


Sarre is a resort in the mountains  which is located very close to the capital city of Aosta. Moreover Sarre is of great historical importance, as the royal castle was a favored holiday destination of Umberto II and his wife.

Hotel Miramonti

Viale Cavagnet, 31
11012 Cogne – Aosta (AO)


Hostellerie Lievre Amoureux

Le Lièvre Amoureux 12
11010 Chozod – Valpelline – Aosta (AO)


Hotel La Chance

Località Chacard, 5
11020 Pila – Gressan – Aosta (AO)


Albergo Grandes Murailles

Via Roma, 78
11028 Valtournenche – Aosta (AO)


Hotel Tavernier

Strada Courmayeur-Dolonne, 27
11013 Mont Blanc – Courmayeur – Aosta (AO)


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