Calabria is located in the south of Italy and is famous as bathing destination, but also a mountain holiday is possible in this region.

The bathing resorts of Calabria are: Ciró Marina, Capo Rizzuto, Tropea, Soverato, Villa San Giovanni, Locri, Riace. Soverato belongs to the so-called „Costa degli Aranci“, which is a touristic region of Calabria with some of the most beautiful Mediterran beaches, while Tropea offers the third beautiful beaches in Europe.

In Calabria it’s also possible to practice skiing in the following localities: Camigliatello Silano, Lorica, La Pagliata, Gambarie, Cotronei, Villaggio Palumbo. Trekking fans can discover the famous National Park in Aspromonte as well as the National Park in Pollino. In the National Park Aspromonte it’s possible to find Mediterran plants as well as typical mountain plants. The bathing resorts Catanzaro Lido and Villa San Giovanni offer two health resorts Calabria. Here the guests can enjoy the following wellness treatments: lymphatic drainage, Ayurvedic massage, chocolat massage, almond peeling, Rasul… A wellness holiday Calabria can also be spent in the following localities: Spezzano Albanese Terme, Acquappesa Guardia Piemontese, Cassano allo Jonio, Galatro, Antonimina, Lamezia Terme. In Cassano allo Jonio you can find wonderful beaches, but even imponent mountain chains like that of Sila and Pollino, perfect for excursions in the mountains.

Catanzaro Lido

This is a coastal suburb of Catanzaro, one of the most important city of Calabria. Here is located an interesting archeological park, the so-called „Scolacium“. In the direct surroundings visitors can find the locality of Soverato, famous for its sharp chilis and as the so-called „Pearl of the Ionian Sea“.


By the British newspaper“ Sunday Times“ Tropea has been declared to one of the 20 most beautiful beaches of Europe. From here it’s possible to reach the famous Aeolian Islands, even the vulcano Stromboli belongs to these islands.  Tropea is famous for its DOP- products: the red onions, the extra pure olive oil, the wines, the Poro- Pecorino etc.

Villa San Giovanni

This small city is located on the sea gate of Messina and is remembered as the coast of embarkation to Sicily. Here in winter the phenomenon of Fata Morgana takes places, after great rains the humidity particles act like a giant loup in the air, as a consequence the coast of Sicily seems to be very near. According to a legend this happened even to the Norman leader Roger von Hauteville.

Health resorts Calabria

Altafiumara Resort & Spa

Via Petrello
89018 Villa San Giovanni – Reggio Calabria (RC)


Popilia Country Resort

Località Cutà
89843 Maierato – Vibo Valentia (VV)


Grand Hotel Paradiso Wellness & Meeting

Via Michele Maria Manfredi, 30
88100 Catanzaro – Catanzaro (CZ)


Sunshine Club Hotel

Tropea in Calabria Località Petto Bianco
89866 Capo Vaticano – Vibo Valentia – Vibo Valentia (VV)


Hotel Resort Costa Tiziana

viale Magna Grecia
88900 Crotone – Crotone (KR)


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