Beside the thermal localities it’s possible to find a health resort Lazio also in Rome, this is the capital city of Italy and one of the most beautiful cities of the world, which every year attracts millions of visitors from Italy and all over the world.

Here it’s possible to enjoy wellness treatments with Oriental, Caribbean, Californian origin…you are spoilt for choice! The thermal localities, where visitors can find a health resort Lazio are: Fiuggi, Viterbo, Tivolo, Castel Sant’Angelo.

Which sometimes was the holiday destination of the Pope, Castelforte, Ferentino, Cretone, Canale Monterano, Orte. Lazio is the region, where the capital city of Italy- Rome is located. The Eternal City is one of the most famous and favored destinations of foreign tourists and counts as one of the most fascinating cities of the world. Lazio is popular because of the National Park of Circeo, one of the most beautiful and species- rich in Italy, it’s situated in the South of the region. Moreover Lazio is a favored region for the holidays by the sea, especially the Pontine Islands, which are popular for their clean water and the picturesque landscape: Ventotene, Gavi, Ponza. Even the Bolsena Lake offers a singular landscape together with the Bracciano Lake. Lazio offers some of the most beautiful towns and localities of Italy, like for instance Civita di Bagnoregio, Castel Candolfo, Campodimele. Furthermore in Lazio it’s possible to spend a wellness holiday in the single thermal cities


Almost everybody knows Rome…the „Eternal City“, „Caput Mundi“, in times of the Roman Empire, the cradle of the Latin language, center of Christianity, capital city of Italy and of the so-called “Dolce Vita”, where in the sixties was located the famous “Hollywood on the Tiber”, here were shot movies like “Roman holidays”, “Quo Vadis”, “La Dolce Vita” or “Cleopatra”. Rome belongs to the most visited and fascinating cities of the world, here is accumulated 70 % of the Italian art heritage. In 1980 the historic center of Rome together with the Basilica Saint Paul in front of the walls and the extraterritorial possessions of the Catholic Church were declared to an UNESCO world heritage site. The city is located on the famous “Seven Hills”: Aventin, Kapitol, Caelius, Palatin, Viminal, Quirinal, Esquilin Hill.


The island of Ventotene is located in the province of Latina and belongs to the Pontine Islands. On this island there is located the homonymous city, which isn’t only famous because of its wonderful landscape, but also as the setting of the popular “Ventotene Manifesto”- one of the most important early concepts for an European integration and European federalism. The founders of the Manifesto were Eugenio Colorni, Ernesto Rossi and Altiero Spinelli. Already in Roman times the island represented a place for exiles, personalities like Agrippina Maggiore, Santa Flavia Domitilla- granddaughter of the Roman emperor Domiziono and Giulia Livilla, a sister of the emperor Caligola spent their exile here. During the fascism personalities like Camilla Ravera, Giorgio Amendola, Sandro Pertini, Luigi Longo had to stay here for banishment.


Ponza belongs to the most visited Pontine Islands, the major part of the tourists come from Campania and Lazio. The most common island beach is the “Chiaia di Luna”, which is partially closed because of falling rocks. The island is famous because of specialties like for instance the lentils or the delicious white wine. Today the island is favored because of the sea and the wonderful landscape, but after the Second World War it offered little occupation and so a lot of insulars had to emigrate. One of the emigrants died during the Monongah- accident in Virginia, which was the heaviest mine accident in American history. During the fascistic dictatorship the island Ponza was the station of numerous banished anti- Fascists and of Lybian, Slavic, Albanian captives. One of the most famous prisoners was ironically Benito Mussolini, which stayed here from July 27th till August 7th of 1943.

Civita di Bagnoregio

This locality is situated in the province of Viterbo and belongs to the most beautiful ones of Italy, it serves as setting for numerous movies. Civita di Bagnoregio has Etruscan origins, it’s the birthplace of San Bonaventura, friend of the Saint Thomas of Aquin, professor at the Sorbonne in Paris and famous as the so-called “Doctor Seraphicus”. Moreover Civita di Bagnoregio is called “the city which is dying”, because of the erosion of the hill on which it’s situated. The city it’s located in a isolated position and is therefore reachable only across a pedestrian bridge. At the moment the locality is inhabited by only six persons. At Christmas there is established a living crib, while on the first Sunday of June and on the second of September there takes place the feast “Palio della Tonna”, in which the districts of the locality are competing in donkey riding.


Anagni is a small city located in the province of Frosinone in Lazio. It’s the birthplace of four popes: Boniface VIII, Innocentius III, Alexander IV, Gregor IX. Here happened the popular “Assassination of Anagni”, where Boniface VIII was killed. The assassination happened through the influential Sciarra Colonna. The pope was so frightened of Colonna’s threat that he died some weeks later, presumably because of the shock. This act caused big commotion among the opponents of Boniface VIII, even Dante Alighieri was one of them. In this small city there are situated numerous residences and palaces from the 13th century like the Palazzo della Ragione, the Barnekow house, where Alighieri was sheltered and the Palazzo of Boniface VIII. Anagni is located near the famous thermal city Fiuggi, popular also for its mineral water.

Health resorts Lazio

La Posta Vecchia Hotel

Palo Laziale
00055 Ladispoli – Roma (RM)


Leo Hotel

Largo Gonesse, 1
02016 Leonessa – Rieti (RI)


Grand Hotel Terme di Stigliano

Via Bagni di Stigliano n° 2
00060 Canale Monterano – Roma (RM)


Victoria Terme Hotel

Via Tiburtina Valeria, km 22,700
00011 Tivoli – Roma (RM)


Residenza Villa Maria

Via Pedica delle Ginestre, 16
00012 Marco Simone – Roma – Roma (RM)


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