Your wellness hotel Liguria is awaiting you in the following bathing resorts on the coast “Riviera di Ponente”:

Alassio, Diano Marina, Laigueglia. In the inland of the province of Genova you can choose localities like Uscio. In Pigna in the province of Impera you can find an excellent thermal bath. One of the health resorts by the sea should offer perfect conditions for a family holiday, the parents can enjoy relaxing wellness treatments whereas the children are assisted by qualified staff.

If you plan to spend a wellness holiday Liguria in October, you can visit the famous nautical salon of Genova! Liguria is located in the north west of Italy, the capital city of the region is Genova, an ancient marine city, which once was called the “Superba”. The historic centre of the city was appointed as world cultural heritage; it’s there where you can find the largest aquarium of Europe. In Liguria visitors can find the popular „Cinque Terre“, which are located on the coast „Riviera di Levante“ and which belong to the world cultural heritage as well. The “Cinque Terre” offer a singular landscape and represent a perfect destination for a trekking holiday in Italy. Moreover Liguria is famous for the city Sanremo, which is situated on the coast “Riviera di Ponente”, the city it’s the setting for the popular “Sanremo festival”, a national music festival. On the same coast there are located cities like Savone with the famous fortification “Fortezza di Priamar” or the small city Albissola Marine, famous for its ceramics.


The resort Alassio is distinguished by a long touristic tradition, already during the 19th century it represented a favored destination. Popular guests of this locality are for instance the members of the Hanbury family, which is the founder family of the Sanremo- gardens. The foundation of the city traces back to an ancient legend of the love between Alassia, daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor Otto I and a marques from the Monferrato, which settled down here for living in peace.

Diano Marina

This holiday destination by the Sea is surly one of the most beautiful along the so-called “flower coast”, it’s distinguished by clean water, mild temperatures and smooth sand. Therefore Diano Marina is a popular destination even on an international level.


This thermal locality is located in the inland of the province Imperia and was priced with the “Bandiera Arancione”, a price for ecological tourism. A typical product of Pigna are the white beans, which were priced with the “Slow Food” price.


Uscio is situated in the inland of the province Genova, here visitors can find the first wellness center of Italy, which was established in 1906. It gave the urban tourist industry a great boom. Here guests can enjoy several wellness treatments even from the Orient, like for instance the famous Berber- massage.


This locality belongs to the most beautiful ones of Italy, traditional markets and feasts take place in Laigueglia, an example is the feast “Sbaro dei Saraceni”, which translated means the landing of the Saracens. The locality was the setting of the movie “Inkheart”.

Finale Ligure

This bathing resort is favored because of its mild clime and the smooth sand beaches. Finale Ligure belongs to the most beautiful townships of Italy. The Sea is clean and the beaches are perfectly equipped. The city is an ideal destination for a holiday with dog Italy, as it was declared to an animal friendly locality.

Grand Hotel del Mare

Via Portico della Punta, 34
18012 Bordighera – Imperia (IM)


Il Casale

Via Briffi, 22
17020 Tovo San Giacomo – Savona (SV)


Grand Hotel Pigna

Regione Lago Pigo
18037 Pigna – Imperia (IM)


Hotel Toscana

Via Flavio Gioia, 4
17021 Alassio – Savona (SV)


Grand Hotel Mediterranèe

Via Roma, 63
17021 Alassio – Savona (SV)


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