People can find excellent health resorts Marche in the following thermal localities: Montegrimano Terme, Genga, Petriano, Sarniano, Acquasanta Terme.

But even in the locality Monte San Vito or in Montegiorgio at Fermo they can find first class health resorts Marche. Usually these hotels have a calm position in the heart of a picturesque scenery on the countryside, perfect for some relaxing days.  Another idea for a wellness holiday Marche are the farm holidays, where sometimes even sauna and swimming pool are included.

Even dogs are mostly permitted! The Marche is a region, which is situated in the center of Italy by the Adriatic Sea, it’s quieter than the region Emilia- Romagna…perfect for a family holiday- for example in the small city Senigallia. By the sea you can find numerous family hotels, which belong to the hotel chain “ItalyFamilyHotels”. They are specialized on holidays with children. The Marche offer different localities by the sea: Porto Sant’Elpidio, Porto Recanati, Gabicce Mare, Falconara Marittima. The Marche are famous because of the farm holidays, ideal for discovering the inland of the region. Moreover the region offers the famous city of Urbino, where Raffaello Sanzio was born. Other interesting destinations of the region are: Pesaro, Urbania, Corinaldo, Recanati- here was born the famous author Giacomo Leopardi, Gradara- here is located the Malatesta castle, which served as scenery for numerous legends.


Senigallia (or Sinigaglia) is a locality on the Adriatic coast, famous for its smooth beach, the local sand is called “silk beach”. In the fifties this place was one of the most favored bathing resorts of Italy, on the same level as Rimini. The Adriatic coast isn’t so deep, therefor Senigallia is a perfect destination for the beach holidays with children; moreover the coast offers numerous family hotels. Since 1997 Senigallia was regularly priced with the nomination “Bandiera Blu”, a price for the cleanest and best equipped beaches of Italy. Furthermore the city offers a Modern Art Museum or a Museum about photography. Fans of the fifties can visit the famous “Summer Jamboree Festival”, which takes place every year at the end of August. Here people can immerse into the world of the fifties and enjoy music from Italian, German and American bands.


Pesaro is one of the historic cities of the Marche, it’s situated on the Adriatic coast and it’s a common bathing resort in Italy. Pesaro is rich in monuments and historical buildings like for example the famous Palazzo Ducale, the public square (Piazza del Popolo), the Santa Maria Assunta church, the Imperial Villa or the house of the composer Gioacchino Rossini, which was born in Pesaro. To remember this important composer, in the city there takes regularly place the famous Opera festival, on which lyricists from all over the world take part. In Pesaro there takes place a famous film festival as well, it belongs to the most important of Italy and is dedicated to experimental and investigating movies. It’s called the “Mostra del Nuovo Cinema”, which means the show of the new cinema. Moreover there is the City Gallery, where visitors can find famous paintings and artworks like the two artworks “Testa del Battista” or “Pala di Pesaro” of Bellini. Pesaro is famous for its culinary specialties, the regional kitchen has many romagnolic traits, examples are: the Fossa cheese, the truffles of Acqualagna or the Sangiovesian wine of the surroundings.


The city Recanati is known among literate people, since it’s the birthplace of the famous Italian author Giacomo Leopardi; he lived at the beginning of 1800 and belongs to the most known Italian authors and poets. Visitors can discover the house of the Leopardi family, who offers guided tours. In Recanati there is also located the “Palazzo Antici”, which belonged to Leopardi’s mother. The city offers numerous churches, like the San Vito church, the Capuchin church, the San Domenico- church or the church of the Holy Mother.


Fano is a coastal city in the province of Marche, it offers the second eldest Carnival of Italy after that of Venice. Fano is situated in the province of Pesaro. Even Fano was priced several times with the nomination “Bandiera blu”, for a clean and good equipped beach. The coastal town is a famous bathing resort since the beginning of 1900 and today a favored destination for the family holidays on the beach. Moreover there are numerous sights: Roman artifacts of the city, like the Augustus arch, the Augustus walls, the cathedral, the Palazzo del Podestá, the Fano of Renaissance, the famous “Rocca malatestiana”, the New Saint Mary church, the Sangallo Bastion, the Palazzo Martinozzi, the baroque Fano with the chapel in the cathedral, the Palazzo Montevecchio and the Fountain of Luck (Fontana della Fortuna).


Urbino is an important historical city of the region, once it was the most important center of the Italian Renaissance, since 1998 the historic center belongs to the UNESCO world heritage. Urbino is the birthplace of famous artists like Raffaello Sanzio, Michelangelo and Donatello. Donatello was the main representative of the Renaissance. A characteristic symbol of the city is the “Palazzo Ducale”, it’s the domicile of the “National Gallery of Marche”. Moreover at Urbino people can visit the house of the artist Raffaello Sanzio, which today is a museum and is located in the Via Santi nr. 57. Furthermore the city is the location of the oldest Jewish community of Italy, which settled down here during the governance of Federico Montefeltro.

Health resorts Marche

Smeraldo Suites & Spa

Viale Rinascimento 141
63039 San Benedetto del Tronto – Ascoli Piceno (AP)


Villa di Carlo Spa & Resort

Viale Martiri della resistenza, 1
61010 Monte Grimano Terme – Pesaro e Urbino (PU)


Borgo Lanciano – Relais Benessere

Località Lanciano, 5
62022 Castelraimondo – Macerata (MC)


Hotel Casale

Via Casale Superiore, 146
63079 Colli del Tronto – Ascoli Piceno (AP)


Hotel Federico II

Via Ancona 100
60035 Jesi – Ancona (AN)


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