Sardinia belongs to Middle Italy and is an ancient country;

one of the most famous primeval artefacts of Sardinia are the so-called „Nuraghe“, ancient tower buildings made from stone. Sardinia is popular for its singular beaches, which recall the Caribbean ones, as for instance the Costa Smeralda or the „rosy beach“ of Is Arenas. Sardinia is a perfect destination for the golfing holidays, for excursions or for equestrian holidays, since visitors can discover landscapes like that of the Gennargentu- massif.

Sardinia is famous for its delicious culinary specialties as for instance the Sardinian Pecorino, the Malloreddus, the Culurgiones, the Seadas, the Carasau bread or the Casu Martzu. For the wellness holidays there is especially one perfect destination in Sardinia: the Costa Smeralda, the coast represents the holiday destination of numerous stars and VIP’s.  The localities, where you can find an excellent health resort Sardinia are: Palau, Santa Teresa di Gallura, Isola Rossa.Other perfect destinations for a wellness holiday Sardinia are: Arbatax, Villasimius, Capoterra, San Teodoro. Villasimius offers the possibility for a golfing holiday by the sea! In the surroundings of the locality there are situated the popular „Nuraghe“, ancient tower buildings of the Sardinian civilisation.


Palau is a small city of the Costa Smeralda and belongs to the most favored and common ones, its symbol is the rock in the form of a bear. Palau was the scenery of one episode of the odyssy, where Odysseus reached the land of the Laestrygonians. In winter the Carnival of Palau belongs to the most popular ones of Sardinia.

Isola Rossa

Since the 70’s this picturesque fishing village experienced a great touristic development. The adjacent touristic places are: Marinedda and Costa Paradiso. Did you know that Angelo Sotgiu, the singer of „Ricchi e poveri“ was born here?


Arbatax is one of the most imporant touristic destination of the province Ogliastra and of Sardinia itself. This small city was the scenery of the movie „Swept away“ by Lina Wertmüller. Arbatax is a perfect starting point to discover the inner part of the island.

Santa Teresa di Gallura

This is another very popular tourist destination in Sardinia. The locality received its current name from King Victor Emanuel I,  in honour of his wife, Maria Theresa of Habsburg. Previously the locality was called Longosardo and it seems that even Francis of Assisi visited it in 1232.


This is one of the most popular holiday destination of Sardinia and of the south coast, here it’s possible to connect the bathing holidays to the wellness and golfing holidays, even a cultural holiday will offer a lot, since in the surroundings there are located many archeological spots like for example the famous „Nuraghe“.

Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo: who doesn’t know this place? It’s one of the most common destinations of the Mediterranean. It was launched to a luxury destination by the Ismailitish prince Karim Aga Khan IV, he bought big areas of the city’s surroundings, which then were very poor. The popular Yacht Club of Costa Smeralda was founded in 1967.

Health resorts Sardinia

Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu

Località Poltu Quatu
07021 Arzachena – Sassari – Sassari (SS)


Su Gologone – Country Resort

Località Su Gologone
08025 Oliena – Nuoro (NU)


Hotel Alghero

Via Carrabuffas
07041 Alghero – Sassari (SS)


Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme

Strada Provinciale 23, 1
09083 Fordongianus – Oristano (OR)


Hotel El Faro Alghero

Porto Conte, 52
07041 Alghero – Sassari (SS)


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